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"Tomoka River" by Harold Newton
Hi , my name is Herb Smith and I'd like to welcome you to Florida-Art.com. I was
born in St. Augustine and grew up on a cattle ranch along the St. John's River
in north Florida. My family has lived in Florida since before statehood in 1845 -
but no matter where you're from, you can appreciate the beauty of pristine
Florida that is reflected by the art of the Florida Highwaymen.

My first contact with Highwaymen art was through my father-in-law. My wife's
dad, Earl purchased art from the original "Highwayman", Harold Newton since
the early 1970's. Earl worked for a savings and loan in Daytona Beach and
Harold would often come in selling his paintings. When my wife and I got
married in the early 80's, Harold was the only artist I was aware of from the
group of artists later to be called the "Highwaymen." We received our first
Harold Newton painting in 1987 - a gift from Earl. He would often talk about his
experiences buying paintings from Harold. Earl loved art and was enthralled
with Harold's painting and selling techniques. He frequently spoke of the
methods Harold used to produce paintings and that Harold often sold his
paintings before the paint dried.

By chance, Earl saw Harold again not long before he suffered a stroke that
ended his painting career. Earl and his family had moved to St. Augustine
where Earl was working as a realtor. Harold came in the real estate office one
day selling his paintings. He was happy to see a past customer. He told Earl
that he had not been feeling well and was on his way to Georgia to visit family
members. He said he was "selling paintings to pay for the trip." As always, he
cautioned not to touch the paintings until the paint dried.  

Earl passed away a few years ago. We caught his art bug somewhere along the
line and began collecting Florida art ourselves. Our passion for it has led to
this website. We hope you enjoy our collection.
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"Seabreeze Shower" by Harold Newton