Original article by Jim Fitch naming the "Highwaymen" in "Antiques and Art Around Florida." - This is the 1995 article that named
the group and fueled the resurgence in their popularity.

FloridaHighwaymen.com - This is an excellent site for studying the painting styles of the various artists. Presented by
Highwaymen expert Geoff Cook, perhaps the premier collector of Florida Highwaymen art.  The site is also a great source for
information on current Highwaymen events.

Highwaymen-buy-sell-trade.com - Highwaymen expert Bob LeBlanc's website is excellent for studying the artists' style through
the many paintings Bob has on display. Also an excellent source for purchasing authentic Highwaymen art.

Backus Museum and Gallery  - Website of the A.E. Backus Museum. Located  in Ft. Pierce, Florida, the museum houses the
largest display of artwork by A.E. "Beanie" Backus. The museum also sells  Backus originals, Highwaymen and Indian River
School artwork.

The Grant Antique Mall -  Located in Grant, Florida. A great place to buy authentic Highwaymen art. They often have the largest
selection available anywhere.

Antiques and Art Highwaymen Gallery  -  This gallery is located on Andrews Street in New Smyrna Beach. They always have a
great selection of authentic Highwaymen paintings and other Florida art.

Sam Newton Gallery  - Website of highly skilled Florida landscape artist Sam Newton. Sam learned to paint with his brother,
Harold Newton and has been producing beautiful Florida landscapes for well over 40 years.

Florida-Arts.org - Link to the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs' 2004 news release naming the Highwaymen to the Florida Artists
Hall of Fame.    

FloridaLandscapes.com - Website of  accomplished Florida artist Jackie Schindehette. Jackie studied for ten years with the
"Dean of Florida Landscape Artists," A.E. "Beanie" Backus.  

Stars North Films - See the trailer to the upcoming feature film about the Florida Highwaymen.

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Here Are Some Links To Other Sites For More Information About
The Florida Highwaymen.